Photoshoot with the boys!

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Here’s a little sneakpeak from our latest photoshoot.

Exciting times ahead in the Subztain Camp, stay tuned!

ISC Once again!

iscAnd we are back! Once again we are moving forward in this years ISC Unsigned only competition!

Very excited to see how this turns out



International Song Competition

Participated in the ISC this year with our song “Pull The  Trigger”, Got to the second round. From 30.000 participants in the first round, to aprox. ~1900 going on to the second.. Unfortunatly thats as far as we got this time around, but we are going in once again!



Gig @ Väsbyfestivalen

subztain12 The weather was not on our side and the whole festival almost got cancelled cause of all the rain, but luckily they could move everything into a nearby school. It was a busy festival for us; we had some small acoustic shows at Magasinet trough out the day together with the band Guided By Strangers and some friends and family.
Antz had joined the song competition for the new Väsby Anthem with his song “nice to call this home”, and just as we where about to enter the stage to perform the song, the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. Luckily it was a false alarm and we could continue and we can proudly announce that Antz won! 

Later in the afternoon Subztain performed and thanks to all the people who showed up, despite the shitty weather we had a great time.



Gig @ Väsbyhemdagen

Despite the crappy weather it was a great gig, we had a little gest performance with Peter “Blomman” Blommqvist on the song “Say life say live”. He was the first guitarrist in the band, before the name change from Subtopia to Subztain, and performed on the album “In what can we trust”. We also got to see the guys in “The Poodles” with their enourmous four-bassdrum set. A huge thanks to the people who came out in the rain and rocked with us!

Ant @ Make Music STHLM troubadour-gig

Hey guys, Antz here! Had a small unplugged gig with Make Musik STHLM. Was alot of fun, just me and my guitar. Had a good night, alot of people came out to see, alot of new and old faces. Will def do this again.

The MY2013 Youth Fair

subztain7 We did the sound/stage and played a couple of gigs during a youth fair in Stockholm, was alot of fun. A bit lacking in the crowd department but nontheless, those who where there where rocking with us till closing time! Alot of talented people showcased their skills during the fair, musicians, dancers, comedians, actors, you name it, it was probably there.

Good times all in all, going to do a collab next year with the arrangers of this event, and we are excited!

Stay tuned folks

Musicians Planet – Late but still


A short trip to stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö (Stockholm, duh) with some gigs and alot of cool things to check out. Musicians Planet really delivered, we had instrument vendors of all kinds, all the gear a gear-geek such as myself could ever want and more, right there too try! We had tons of technical difficulties during our shows, but we keept going on, and had a ton of fun in the process, so hey, who gives? We’ll get them next time for sure!



A weekend in Malmö @ Rockmässan II


After some mishaps (like getting a flat tire on the freeway at 4 in the morning, and then forgetting our tech-guy right then and there as we drove off. he chased after the car screaming, and when we finally noticed.. lets just say he was NOT amused :P ) we arrived a couple of hours later then planned.

We got aprox. 2-3 hours of sleep prior to our first full day at the fair. Tired but excited we rocked on and played gig all day long and mingled with the people attending the fair.

We had an awesome weekend, made lots of new friends and fans alike and had a blast at the halloween afterparty!

All in all, Malmö kicked ass, and we plan on doing in again!

Supporting act for Paul Di’Anno


 We had the honour of playing opening-act for Paul Di’Anno’s private show for Overdooze MC in Tumba. We had a really good time and it was great meeting the guys behind Di’Anno. Sadly we learned that Clive Burr, the drummer on the three first Iron Maiden-albums and close friend to Paul, had just passed away. But despite the sad passing of Clive we had a really good time and hope that we’ll have the honor to do it again under better circumstances.

R.I.P Clive Burr, 8 march 1957 – 12 march 2013.


Yesterday’s gig at club Dislocated at Copperfields



Played support for Misth, a very awesome metalband from sweden. They delivered a solid gig and played some of their new awesome songs live for the first time!

Lots of love and thanks to Håkan Granat from mist who hooked us up with this gig, Lets do this again guys!̈́

Thank you all for rocking with us at club Dislocated. It was immensely fun, as always. It was a pleasure to se the band perform. Rock on, guys!

Sweden Rock contest over


From the beginning there was over 1500 bands applying for the Bandcompetition, then SRF slimmed down the list to 147 in the first round of voting, and then there was 25 bands in the final.

The winners have been announced and are:

1. Klogr
2. Mia Klose
3. Sahg

Great work guys and congratulations!


SUBZTAIN ended up in position No. 19 in the competition. I want to thank all those who have supported and voted for us in this period!

You guys rule and I’m really super glad you are there for us with your support!

What the hell do i spend my time on now? I dream of wireless networks and two votes a day … It’s definately been a ride, and well worth it.

As a thank you, for all the hard work you have done, Subztain will do a free gig for YOU, so if want to come and celebrate that we ended up as No. 19 in the world in this competition, keep watching our Facebook as we will release the date and venue soon!

Subztain in SRF Bandcompetition Finals!

Sweden Rock bandcompetition

We made it!

You guys ROCK! thanks to your dedication with the voting, we got to the final round of Sweden Rock Festival Bandcompetition!

Rules of this round:
Instead of 1 vote a day, you can now vote 2 times a day per IP!
The competition runs from now untill the 12th of February.
Top 3 gets to play at Sweden Rock Festival 2013!







Welcome to 2.0!

antzSince we love to renew ourselves and always try to be up to date we would like to welcome you to our NEW website. v2.0!!

Everything is running at the speed of light and we are excited to spend the year of 2013 with new challenges, a lot of gigs and meeting new fantastic people involved in the making of ”SUBZTAIN”.
This is our fucking year, the year we will break out!!”

So whats up then?!

We have 2 gigs booked with Paul Di’anno as a supporting act wich we are very honored to be a part of!
We have entered the top 25 out of around 1500 bands from all over the world in the competition to play @ Sweden Rock Festival 2013.

We are making plans to record a new album, going into the mobile market with apps, to go abroad (info coming up) to promote ourselves in magazines and radio stations. You can say that we have some stuff going for us right now, and its all because of YOU GUYS! Much rock n love <3

Thanks for the visit and make sure to stop by again. Listen to our music and visit us at our other forums for instant news and updates!!

American festival

american_festival This show had it all, beautiful weather, country-music, muscle-cars, tanks and offcourse awsome people.  We met some old friends and made some new, all and all it was a great show!

Gig @ Blacksheep

We were asked to do a show for a schoolproject lead by Louise Kardevall to raise money for the homeless in Stockhholm. It was a fun gig with alot of farmiliar faces witch is always great. The show was really succesful and it raised quite a good amount of money for the homless and we are really glad to have been asked to participate and make a difference.

We leave you with this awsomely true quote

“I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, But still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” Edward Everett Hale.

Gig @ Kulturama

To celebrate the end of our drummers three years on Kulturama Gymnasium and the release of our new album we had a little show there. The VUX ensemble from Kulturama also made a performance with  Gladys Del Pilar who’s a really talented gospel singer, also known from the group Afro-dite who performed in Melodifestivalen 2002.

We had a great time and we would like to thank Linda Rönnbäck who arranged the show, Rock on !!



nalen The drummer had a double booking and had to sneak away from his “Studentskiva” to play this show, the rest of the guys helped out setting up the drum-kit. It was hard work but it turned out to be a great show so it was totally worth it!

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